Build a better Shopify agency

And deliver results for your clients

Working with me

I work with Shopify agencies to grow their client's revenue with data-driven marketing and design services.

Running a Shopify agency is no joke. I've seen it up close and been on the inside. But that doesn't mean it can't be easier and more profitable than it is right now.

Conversion rate optimization

Every Shopify store has a job. That job is to sell.

Much like any other job, those stores should get better at their job over time. It's a process. No matter how good a theme or designer is, the site's not done when it launches.

Conversion optimization doesn't happen with best practices, guesswork, or gimmicks. It happens when you employ a research-backed optimization process.

  • Find what's wrong.
  • Do research to find out why and how it's wrong.
  • Make it less wrong.
  • Do it again.

I help agencies create & run that optimization process for their clients.

Analytics strategy and implementation

Analytics don't work if they aren't collecting accurate, meaningful data. So I help Shopify agencies measure what matters for their clients.

  • Google Analytics setup & auditing for your clients or your own website
  • Measurement strategy
  • Custom Google Analytics & Google Data Studio reporting and dashboarding
  • Google Tag Manager implementation
  • Advising and consulting services to turn analytics data into decisions

I'll help you get useful, accurate data flowing from your client's sites.

Project management

I work with agencies to manage data-driven design and marketing clients.

When you are managing client projects, it helps to have someone who can understand what needs doing. Someone who can talk to clients, designers, developers. Someone who can use analytics data and research to make the right decisions and help clients grow.

I can be that someone for your agency.

I'm currently available for eCommerce project management on a freelance or full-time basis.

Agency marketing

Clients aren't the only ones who benefit from measuring the right metrics.

Proof that you walk the walk when it comes to optimization is priceless when it comes to generating new leads. Stores want to know that they're in good hands.

Data-slinging case studies show off your ability to get results for clients like no other. When you combine metrics with storytelling to showcase your teams work, you bust every objection clients have.

Education marketing helps potential clients self-qualify and get themselves ready to work with you. Turn your experience and expertise into marketing that breaks the feast-and-famine cycle.

I help agencies market their services and generate leads.

Building a stronger agency

I help agencies create organizational knowledge, document processes, and create smoother workflows.

It's hard to get good work from even the best of people when their is confusion and miscommunication. I've seen it slow agencies to a crawl and kill the profit margin on projects.

  • Creating an internal client knowledge base means that everyone who touches a client project knows everything that affects that client. No more disconnect from sales to design to development to project management.
  • Documenting your processes allows your team to move quickly and effectively through projects. You get results, reduce new-hire on-boarding time, and take less of a hit when team members leave.
  • When processes are laid bare for team members to see and understand, everyone can contribute to streamlining workflows.

I'm currently available to help agencies create the ecosystem they need to become more efficient, effective, and profitable.